Maria Fusco

The Hare's Course
Vanguard Anthology of Short Stories, 2015

The Hare's Course

My short story The Hare's Course is selected for inclusion in the new anthology published by Vanguard Editions. The series editor is Richard Skinner and this edition is guest-edited by Adrian Cross and Des Mohan.

My story tells of rich food, puke and social isolation.

"A wonderful collection. Striking contemporary tales of urban isolation that contain their own dark lyricism. There are some real discoveries here." Joanna Briscoe

"An impressively assured and nuanced anthology of short stories - many from fresh and very welcome voices indeed... an articulate, insightful collection of short narratives which reminds us of one of the great paradoxes of urban living - the individual’s utter sense of isolation within the dense, collective space." Jacob Ross

Contributors include: Daniela Cascella, Alex Catherwood, Nicci Cloke, Jacqueline Crooks, Adrian Cross, Stuart Evers, Emelie Fritzell, Maria Fusco, Jonathan Gibbs, Luke Gillin, Suzanne Joinson, Hanif Kureishi, Tom Lee, Katriona Lewis, Des Mohan and Joanna Walsh

Vanguard Editions - ISSN 2056-6298