Maria Fusco

Window Strikes
Copy Work, 2007

'I like to have my breakfast standing at the bedroom window watching her. I’ve got a little plastic tray that I use to carry my mug, Brown Betty teapot, tea strainer and toast in on from the kitchen. I bought them all from the ‘Home & Garden’ section on Ebay Express three weeks ago. I have a tall imitation pine bedside table that I move around depending on whether I am sitting up in bed, or standing at the window, so the tray goes on that. I always hold the plate under the toast while I am eating for two reasons:
1. So that the crumbs don’t fall over my bathrobe. It’s really hard trying to shake them all out of the terry-towelling.
2. So that the honey doesn’t drip onto the floor. That happened once and it was a complete nightmare sponging it out of the carpet. I tried using both Carbona Stain Devil #5 Fat, Grease & Oil and Carbona Stain Devil #2 Ketchup & Sauce on it, but I am sure I can still feel a sticky patch if I walk there in my bare feet.'

Photograph by Chris Gergley (2007)

Photograph by Chris Gergley (2007)

Window Strikes is a short story which was published in Copy Work, a book published in the occasion of the exhibition Canadian artist Chris Gergley at Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver.

Copy Work
ISBN  978 1 897302 16 3 - published by Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver