Maria Fusco

The Happy Hypocrite art writing readings

The Happy Hypocrite's new cycle of art writing readings.

The Happy Hypocrite art writing readings

A series of live reading events - as part of a new Book Works' touring exhibition Again, A Time Machine.

4. Co-hosted with The Showroom in London.
2 June 2012

3. Co-hosted with Spike Island. A reading event embedded within the Artists' Book and Zine Fair at Spike Island in Bristol.
8 October 2011

2. Co-hosted with Book Works, Sternberg Press and Archive Books. Simon Fujiwara, Maria Fusco, Stewart Home, Jonathan Monk, Ingo Niermann, Katrina Palmer, Markus Weisbeck and Fons Hickmann, with music from Andi Toma, at Motto in Berlin.
13 May 2011

1. Co-hosted with An Endless Supply at Eastside Projects in Birmingham.
31 March 2011