Maria Fusco

Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions

An exhibition about how reading literature can be at the core of contemporary art practice.

The show highlights that writers such as Joyce, Goethe, Beckett, Kafka, Sebald and Vonnegut have something to say to artists today – and that artists make a major contribution to how we can all think about literature and aspects of the canon today: as something relevant and liberating. Exhibiting literature has been the domain of literary museums and monuments. On an island from which most renowned writers have emigrated, alternative modes of marking their role have to be – and have been – found: by artists and through exhibitions. These are held in public spaces and in a variety of venues. This exhibition, in exploring the relationships between art, literature and exhibitions, provides an alternative “monument” to writers, their works, to well-read artists – and to innovative ways of bridging these realms through exhibition.

Work by myself is included with: Allotrope, antepress, Julie Bacon, Ecke Bonk, Pavel Büchler, Davide Cascio, Tacita Dean, Cerith Wyn Evans, Kenneth Goldsmith, Rodney Graham, Joanna Karolini, Sean Lynch, Simon Morris, Brian O’Doherty, Michalis Pichler, Tim Rollins, Andrea Theis, Nick Thurston and Eric Zboya. Curated by Christa-Maria Lerm-Hayes.

Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, 16 July - 5 August 2011
Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick,  September 2011