Maria Fusco

De-localising Dialect

AHRC funded network
15 November 2019

De-localising Dialect

Exploring new creative and critical practices for and about dialect.

De-localising Dialect

I am Principal Investigator with Dr Scott Hames, University of Stirling, on De-localising Dialect, an interdisciplinary research network, exploring new creative and critical practices for and about dialect.

We want to establish an original research agenda that places ‘dialect’ and its debates at the centre of critical attention in the nexus of art, literature and sociolinguistics. We are especially interested in viewing –and ‘doing’ –dialect against its own deep associations with geographic locality and social rootedness, and attending to its qualities of disruption, experiment and autonomy. Workshops across the UK, publically advertised, with participants from a range of academic and non-academic backgrounds such as: art, creative writing, design, geography, linguistics, literature.

22 February, The Hunterian, Glasgow
Raman Mundair; Harry Josephine Giles with Atzi Muramatsu plus guests

24 May, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle
Lisa Robertson plus guests

15 November, The Swedenborg Institute, London 
Denise Riley plus guests

More workshops coming up in 2020

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