Maria Fusco

What Would Thomas Bernhard Do?

Kunsthalle Wien
23 May 2013

What Would Thomas Bernhard Do?

Ten days, one hundred events in Vienna.

I am participating in the festival What Would Thomas Bernhard Do?. One hundred people from the visual arts, music, sociology, philosophy and economics will contribute to an innovative piece of stagecraft. At various speeds and in various tones, from six to twelve acts a day will be modulated in such a way that they will simultaneously function as individual events and become parts of an overall tableau.

Participants include: Martin Amis, writer (UK); Danai Anesiadou, artist (Brussels); Stefanie Carp, dramaturg (Vienna); Zita Cobb, President of Shorefast Foundation (Ottawa); Julius Deutschbauer, artist (Vienna); Maria Fusco, artist (London); Liam Gillick, artist (New York); Piero Golia, artist (Los Angeles); Martin Huber, Thomas Bernhard Archive (Gmunden); Karl Holmqvist, artist (Berlin); Hannah Hurtzig, curator and dramaturg (Berlin); Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Development (Guildford, Surrey); Sung Hwan Kim, artist (New York); Robert Menasse, writer (Vienna); Mián Mián, writer (Shanghai); Marcel Odenbach, artist (Cologne); Saskia Sassen, Professor of Sociology (New York); Tomáš Sedlácek, Professor of Economics (Prague); Erik van Lieshout, artist (Rotterdam)