Maria Fusco

Lisbon Architecture Triennale

16 September 2013

Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Writer-in-Residence at Palácio Pombal in Lisbon.

Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Working on real-time reportage of the abandoned Palácio Pombal in Lisbon, I engage in field-writings examining the physical vulnerability of the rooms, giving material voice, restoring purpose to the dreamer, to form a prolegomenon of imagined histories. Working with students from a local theatre school, my texts are told on a daily basis in the Oratory: one storyteller speaking intimately to one listener.

My residency is part of The Real and Other Fictions, curated by Mariana Pestana.

14 September to 15 December 2013
Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Watch a film of the work

You can read extracts from my writings (in English and translated into Portuguese) here


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